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  • Move over, Siri! Researchers develop improv-based Chatbot
    Computer scientists have incorporated improv dialogues into chatbots to produce more grounded and engaging interactions. Read more »
  • New organic material unlocks faster and more flexible electronic devices
    Mobile phones and other electronic devices made from an organic material that is thin, bendable and more powerful are now a step closer. Read more »
  • Renewable energy transition makes dollars and sense
    Ne research has disproved the claim that the transition to renewable electricity systems will harm the global economy. Read more »
  • A Raspberry Pi-based virtual reality system for small animals
    The Raspberry Pi Virtual Reality system (PiVR) is a versatile tool for presenting virtual reality environments to small, freely moving animals (such as flies and fish larvae). The use of PiVR, together with techniques like optogenetics, will facilitate the mapping and characterization of neural circuits involved in behavior. Read more »
  • Ups and downs in COVID-19 data may be caused by data reporting practices
    As data accumulates on COVID-19 cases and deaths, researchers have observed patterns of peaks and valleys that repeat on a near-weekly basis. A new study reports that those oscillations arise from variations in testing practices and data reporting, rather than from societal practices around how people are infected or treated. Read more »
  • A new path for electron optics in solid-state systems
    In combined theoretical and experimental work, physicists introduce and demonstrate a novel mechanism for electron optics in two-dimensional solid-state systems. The discovery opens up a route to engineering quantum-optical phenomena in a variety of materials and devices. Read more »
  • Wireless aquatic robot could clean water and transport cells
    Researchers have developed a tiny plastic robot, made of responsive polymers, which moves under the influence of light and magnetism. In the future this 'wireless aquatic polyp' should be able to attract and capture contaminant particles from the surrounding liquid or pick up and transport cells for analysis in diagnostic… Read more »
  • Links between video games and gambling run deeper than previously thought, study reveals
    A new study suggests that a number of practices in video games, such as token wagering, real-money gaming, and social casino spending, are significantly linked to problem gambling. Read more »
  • Artificial 'neurotransistor' created
    While the optimization of conventional microelectronics is slowly reaching its physical limits, nature offers us a blueprint how information can be processed and stored efficiently: our own brain. Scientists have now successfully imitated the functioning of neurons using semiconductor materials. Read more »
  • Tech sector job interviews assess anxiety, not software skills
    A new study finds that the technical interviews currently used in hiring for many software engineering positions test whether a job candidate has performance anxiety rather than whether the candidate is competent at coding. The interviews may also be used to exclude groups or favor specific job candidates. Read more »
  • Robot jaws shows medicated chewing gum could be the future
    Medicated chewing gum has been recognized as a new advanced drug delivery method but currently there is no gold standard for testing drug release from chewing gum in vitro. New research has shown a chewing robot with built-in humanoid jaws could provide opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to develop medicated chewing… Read more »
  • For next-generation semiconductors, 2D tops 3D
    A research team designs a halide perovskite material for the next-generation memory device. Commercialization is accelerated for next-generation data storage device via low-operating voltage and high-performance resistive switching memory. Read more »
  • Electron cryo-microscopy: Using inexpensive technology to produce high-resolution images
    Biochemists have used a standard electron cryo-microscope to achieve surprisingly good images that are on par with those taken by far more sophisticated equipment. They have succeeded in determining the structure of ferritin almost at the atomic level. Read more »
  • New materials for extra thin computer chips
    In order to create more compact electronic devices, new materials are being used - especially 2D-materials, which only consist of a single atomic layer. This, however, is only half the story: Every electronic device consists of multiple materials. So the ultra-thin semiconductors have to be paired with ultra-thin insulators. Scientists… Read more »
  • A micro-lab on a chip detects blood type within minutes
    The need to first zero in on a blood group can delay blood transfusions in emergency situations, and this in turn can prove fatal. Thus, to speed up the process, a team of scientists has developed a lab-on-a-chip device that can not only tell the blood type within five minutes… Read more »
  • Janggu makes deep learning a breeze
    Researchers have developed a new tool that makes it easier to maximize the power of deep learning for studying genomics. Read more »
  • Robust high-performance data storage through magnetic anisotropy
    A technologically relevant material for HAMR data memories are thin films of iron-platinum nanograins. An international team has now observed experimentally for the first time how a special spin-lattice interaction in these iron-platinum thin films cancels out the thermal expansion of the crystal lattice. Read more »
  • Magnetic memory states go exponential
    Researchers showed that relatively simple structures can support exponential number of magnetic states -- much greater than previously thought -- and demonstrated switching between the states by generating spin currents. The ability to stabilize and control exponential number of discrete magnetic states in a relatively simple structure constitutes a major… Read more »
  • Fair justice systems need open data access
    Researchers are developing an A.I. platform that provides users with access to the information and insights hidden inside federal court records, regardless of their data and analytic skills. Read more »
  • Topological materials 'cherned' up to the maximum
    In topological materials, electrons can display behavior that is fundamentally different from that in 'conventional' matter, and the magnitude of many such 'exotic' phenomena is directly proportional to an entity known as the Chern number. New experiments establish for the first time that the theoretically predicted maximum Chern number can… Read more »
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